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using a circular saw on a table

How to Use a Circular Saw: A Guide for Beginners

Every carpenter and craftsman has a circular saw inside their tool kit. Without it, what they can do is limited. With the invention of circular saws, clean and precise cuts can be achieved easily. 

The circular saw can cut through any material. All we need to do is to set it up, and we are good to go. Setting it up is fairly easy as well because we only need to determine our preferred depth and angle, and draw the measurement lines on the material that we will be working.

As we operate the circular saw, we need to guide it smoothly above the surface of the material that we are trying to cut. We need to follow the measuring lines to achieve a perfect result. We also need to be cautious when using the power tool to minimize any accidents.

If we are not yet familiar in using this type of tool, we should start researching about it and study its features. There are many types of circular saws, as different brands are modifying the design. We need to study their instruction manual to help us become more familiar with it.

As a rule of thumb, we always need to wear protection when using this power tool. The eyes and hands are the priorities when it comes to protective gears. We should always remember to wear goggles and gloves.

Preparing The Materials And Adjusting The Circular Saw

Familiarize Yourself With The ​Tool

This is the first step when using the circular saw. We need to observe and check the power tool in detail. We need to become more familiar with its features and check how it works.

There are many brands of circular saws out there, and each has its own styles. Despite the wide variety in style, all circular saws follow a basic design. We need to learn how this design works, and how it can affect the quality of our jobs.

When using the tool, we need to grip on its handles located on the front and rear. We also need to use the trigger located on the rear side of the handle, because it will help us control how the blade moves. This part is crucial, especially if we want more control over how the finished product should look like.

hands are on the saw to use it

The circular saw is mostly used on lumber. However, with proper control and familiarization of the tool, we can also use it to cut through metals and other composite materials. We also need to consider the right type of blade that should be installed on the tool if we wanted to maximize its use.

The blades on a circular saw come in different sizes. The most common circular saw used for cutting lumber has a blade measuring six and a half inches. Thicker lumbers are being cut using a 7.25 inches circular blade. For materials like metals, a blade measuring eight to ten inches is required.

Remember To Wear Protective Gear

When using the circular saw, remember to protect your eyes and hands. These are the two most vulnerable body parts when using the power tool. Buy goggles and gloves on a store specializing in crafts and hobbies.

The gloves that should be used when working with a circular saw should be thick and rugged. The goggles, on the other hand, should give you a clear view while being thick as well. When using the power tool, loud noise can emanate from the tool, so it is better to wear earmuffs if you need to work for extended periods.

safe way to use a saw

Another concern when operating the circular saw is the clouds of dust that can enter the system. Sawdust being inhaled can cause a lot of respiratory problem in the long run. We should wear a protective mask to prevent ourselves from inhaling the sawdust.

Finally, if we have long hair, we should tie it before we can start working on the circular saw. The hair has a tendency to be caught by the tool if we do not tie it. This can lead to severe accidents that can cause grave injuries.

Draw Marks On The Material And Measure It

Drawing a mark on the material that we will use will help us achieve a clean cut. Without the marks, it would be difficult to operate the circular saw. We also need to measure the markers to determine if it can match other parts that we have already cut.

measuring stuffs before sawing

When drawing marks on the material, we need to make sure that it is readable. We can use a range of items for marking the material, like chalk for wood and markers for metals. We also need to use other tools like a measuring tape to give us an accurate measurement of the project that we are working on.

Carefully Place Material On The Table

If we decide to start working using the circular saw, the first thing that we should do is to carefully place the material that we wanted to cut on the sawhorses. There should be no obstructions, and make sure that the area is clear. If we did not clear the work area, the circular saw can cut through the obstructions, and it can damage the tool if it happens frequently.

a saw on the table with a man

After cutting through a material, we need to place the circular saw on top of a sawhorse. This would prevent the blade from getting damaged. Other people who use circular saws are leaving their power tools on a table or a bench, not realizing that it can damage their tool.

Sawhorses can be purchased at a home improvement center. Normally, the price range for sawhorses would be around $30 to $50. We can also use the internet to search for a cheaper option.

Set Your Desired Cutting Depth

If we wanted to set our desired cutting depth, we need to use the circular saw’s central lever. This would allow us to set the blade and choose the depth that we wanted. Pulling the shoe lever would enable us to set it up.

Knowing how to set the depth of the blades on a circular saw will help us achieve cleaner cuts. It can also reduce the friction between the blade and the material that we are working on.

Higher friction can lead to wear and tear, and we will be required to replace the blades more often.

Learn To Adjust The Tool’s Piv​oting Scale

If we wanted to achieve beveled cuts, we need to learn how to adjust the tool’s pivoting scale. There should be a small knob located on the front end of the saw. We have to turn it counterclockwise to unlock a scale.

a saw with a man in the smoke air

We need to slide the scale to our desired angle preset. Custom cuts can be achieved if we set it on a point that is not included in the preset. If we are satisfied with the angle preset that we chose, we can turn the knob clockwise to lock it.

Make sure that the blades are lock when you start working. A blade that is not secured can be wobbly. Others have reported experiencing a flying blade after it was released from the main tool, which is very dangerous.

Safety Should Always Be A Priority

When working with power tools such as circular saw, we always need to consider our safety. We should keep our hands away from the circular saw at all times. Designate a safe distance when working with these tools.

Make sure that your hands or your skin would never have any contact with the circular saw, especially if it is in operation. When you receive a cut from the tool, make sure to apply the necessary first aid treatment and visit the hospital if there is excessive bleeding.

Releasing The Trigger

After each cut, make sure that we will be releasing the trigger. We also need to wait for the blade to stop completely. Never put the finger near the trigger, especially if we are not yet prepared to make a cut because accidents might happen.

Unplug The Tool After You Use It

It is important to unplug the circular saw after we use it. Store it away from children’s reach, and make sure that it can’t be accessed easily by children. You can store it inside a toolbox or a safety chest.


Using power tools like the circular saw makes our work easier. These tools are invented to provide convenience to those who are doing crafts. Make sure that the power tools are being handled with care, and read the instruction manual if we find it difficult to operate.

We can also call someone who can help us in using this power tool to demonstrate how it should be done. The circular saw made it possible for us to cut through any material in the quickest time possible, but even if the power tool is giving us convenience, we should remember to be cautious whenever we use it because improper use of a circular saw can lead to serious injuries.